Theresa and Joshua

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Our Adventure

Josh and Theresa met through Josh's friend (and best man) James in April 2011. Alyssa (maid of honor) and Theresa visited James' house where Josh and Connor were up to shenanigans in the backyard. After exchanging information, Theresa and Josh spent many days having picnics, exploring Denton, and hanging out in Alyssa's dorm room. They both learned they had a common interest in Avenged Sevenfold and cars, which was enough for them to talk hours on end. Overtime, they learned they had interests in cooking, motivating others, and always expanding their knowledge base.

Two college degrees, a Sheila, 5 years, and a house later Theresa and Josh were taking their yearly vacation in August 2016. The location of choice: Denver, CO. During their stay, they went mountain biking near Pikes Peak, but were met by a strong hail storm during their ride down. The next day they went back to tackle the trail. Josh proposed part of the way down the mountain overlooking Colorado Springs. It took two tries for Josh to propose, but it finally happened.
Grace Cobb